Rhema Word
Restoration Ministries
Rhema Apostolic Prophetic Seminary (RAPTS)
RAPTS is designed to prepare you for the next level of ministry. We will train and instruct you in techniques to be more effective in ministry while at the same time share with you the different theological ideas and concepts that are taught while we challenge you to challenge these ideas to see if you agree or not. By doing this, you become a greater defender and proclaimer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

RAPTS also provides sound basic bible teachings to reinforce your faith. We focus your training in the direction of the ministry in which you feel called. If you are called to the five - fold ministry, we aid you in understanding what is invested in you and how to function in your call all while helping to recognize the personalized ways that God deals with and use you. This is a school like no other. We also aid you in tapping into the 21st century ministry strategies.

If this is what you are looking for, contact us at: rhemaministries@bellsouth.net or call (803) 419-5266
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